8bit NFT Space
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Getting 8bit NFT Cards its so easy!

First we will see how to buy EXC NFT in 8bit NFT Store:
Before you buy, please read article about 8bit NFT Types

Step 1 - Add card to cart

Choose your card in store and click "Add to cart"
Only one card in cart. You cant to buy two cards in one payment

Step 2 - View cart

Click "View cart" under button or "Cart" in header menu

Step 3

Apple coupon and click "Proceed to checkout"
In this step you can cancel purchase by clicking (x) near image

Step 4 - Checkout

Fill billing details and click "Use Token Payment"
You need $8BIT Token in your balance + ~0.00015 BNB for fee

Step 5 - Order

Check all details and click "Open Metamask" for payment

Step 6 - Confirm payment

Confirm payment in Metamask (or other wallet)

Step 7 - Receive NFT

All NFT with $8BIT Token payment method will be in your wallet in the period up to two hours. You can check it into Babylons, Treasureland, NFTrade or Mochi Market

Buy NFT in Treasureland

Buy NFT in Babylons

Buy NFT in Mochi Market

Buy NFT in NFTrade