NFT Types

You can purchase 3 types of NFTs:

Exclusive NFT (EXC)

You can buy EXC NFT only with 8BIT Token payment and only in 8bit NFT Store

After payment completed user will get EXC NFT in the period up to two hours.

EXC NFT only image type

Public NFT (PUB)

You can buy PUB NFT with any type of payments in 8bit NFT Store or other platform that have partnerships with 8bit NFT Space

Advantages of buying PUB NFT in the 8bit NFT Store:

  • Price for PUB NFT is both in $8BIT and $USD in numbers. For example: NFT Price set 200$ - its mean that you will pay 200 8BIT or 200$ in another crypto. 200$ will be paid at the rate of sale of a particular coin at the time of purchase.

  • If the exchange rate of 8BIT is lower than $1, then the purchase price for an 8BIT token may be lower than that for another currency.

PUB NFT only image type

Video NFT (VID)

You can buy VID NFT only with fundamentals and stable coins in any supported platforms.

Each VID NFT have secret word. Everyone who bought all 42 VID NFT can complete the phrase and get discount coupon (99,999%) to Premium NFTs

VID NFT only video type

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