Cross-Chain Trading

How does it work with cross-chain?

8bit NFT cards selling in few blockchains: Binance Smart Chain, Polygon relevance: october 2021

Each card has a specific supply. This quantity is always indicated on the "total supply" line. Each blockchain generates the same number of cards at the start of sales. However, as sales are made on each blockchain, the number of cards on other blockchains is burned each 4 hours.

For example:

Week 1 card. Generated 52513 cards in each blockchain.

When in Binance Smart Chain sold 10 cards and in Polygon 0 cards so: 52513 BSC - 10 burned in Polygon = 52503 cards available in the market. When in Polygon sold 20 cards and in Binance Smart Chain 0 cards so: 52503 Polygon - 20 burned in Binance Smart Chain = 52483 cards available in the market.

It is not possible that more cards are sold in the market than is scheduled!

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